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About FireMenu

POS terminal

Our goal is to make your business more efficient, helping you focus on what you do best - creating an unforgettable experience for your customers.

FireMenu includes a wide range of functional capabilities that allow the system to be integrated into any business process. From POS terminals to staff and financial management, the platform covers all aspects of restaurant business operations.

With FireMenu, you will receive support at every stage of your establishment's operations - from order taking to analytics and reporting. And all of this in one powerful and convenient platform that allows you to manage your business from anywhere and any device.

Don't waste time on routine tasks! Choose FireMenu and experience the benefits of modern automation for your restaurant business.

Benefits of FireMenu

Happy staff

Comprehensive platform

FireMenu brings together all the necessary tools for successful restaurant business management in one place, allowing you to focus on providing excellent service to your customers

Staff optimization

With its intuitive design and convenient features, FireMenu helps your staff work faster and more efficiently, reducing service time and minimizing errors

Scalability and flexibility

FireMenu easily scales and adapts to different sizes and types of establishments, whether you manage a small café or a large restaurant chain

Data security and cloud technology

FireMenu utilizes cloud technologies to ensure reliable storage and protection of your information. You will always have access to your business data from any device and location

Support and updates

FireMenu is constantly updated and improved to meet changes in market requirements and user needs. Our team provides assistance with any platform-related questions



Order management

The FireMenu system greatly simplifies the process of taking, processing, and fulfilling orders. From order creation to dish preparation, our platform helps you keep everything under control

Table management

With our intuitive table management system, you can easily seat guests, monitor seat availability and reserved tables, and optimize the operations of your establishment

Staff management

FireMenu helps you manage your staff, track their performance, work schedules, and leaves. The system simplifies training for new employees and allows for easy monitoring of your team's work

Inventory management

With FireMenu, you will always be informed about the status of your inventory, product availability, and costs. The system automates the process of ordering supplies, allowing you to maintain an optimal level of stock

Financial monitoring

The platform helps you monitor revenues, expenses, and overall financial stability of your restaurant. From sales analysis to report generation, FireMenu provides you with access to all the necessary financial information

Analytics and reporting

FireMenu provides powerful analytics and reporting tools that help you better understand your business, identify trends, and set priorities. Get detailed reports on sales, popular dishes, staff performance, and much more

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Transparent pricing

At FireMenu, we understand that every food business has its own unique features and needs. That's why we offer a flexible pricing policy that takes into account different situations and promotes the stability of your business


29€ / month
(price excluding VAT)

  • POS terminal (Unlimited number)
  • QR menu
  • Visitor Reviews
  • Financial Accounting


39€ / month
(price excluding VAT)

  • Everything included in LITE plan
  • Order archive
  • Kitchen screen
  • Table Booking
  • Reports


49€ / month
(price excluding VAT)

  • Everything included in PLUS plan
  • Order through QR Menu
  • Schedule
  • Salary
  • Storages / Supply

Early Access Program

Welcome to the opportunity to transform your restaurant! FireMenu, the most innovative restaurant management software, is now available to a select number of businesses in Spain. Join our early access program and enjoy all its benefits at no cost. Together, we can make FireMenu even better!

What Our Customers Say

client 1

“FireMenu has greatly simplified order and inventory management in our restaurant. Highly recommended!”

Alejandro, Ciskari restaurant

“The software is very easy to use and intuitive. Our customers are delighted with the speed of service!”

Maria, Laguna restaurant

“Now I can control everything from my iPhone. Finally, I can afford a vacation! Thank you FireMenu!”

Miguel, A5 cafe

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