How to work with a kitchen screen

The "Kitchen Screen" section allows chefs and bartenders to efficiently receive orders and coordinate the process of preparing dishes and drinks. Get acquainted with the brief instructions and helpful tips on using this section:

  1. Receiving orders: The kitchen screen displays all current orders coming in from waiters through the POS terminal.
  2. Order statuses: You can move order items between statuses (from "waiting" to "being prepared" and "ready for issuance"), to have precise control over the preparation process.
  3. Semi-finished products: Use this to create processes for making semi-finished products that will be used for dishes.
  4. Preparation timing: Chefs have a convenient interface for tracking the preparation time of each item, allowing them to avoid downtime and ensure timely customer service.

The "Kitchen Screen" section is designed to ensure a smooth and efficient process of preparing dishes and drinks. Use it to maintain high productivity in the kitchen and improve the quality of service at your establishment.