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Technologies that are changing the rules of the game in the restaurant business

In the modern world where technology moves faster than ever, it's crucial to stay at the forefront of digital innovations. Our QR menu is not just a tool; it's a blend of technology, convenience, and style. With our online menu, you engage with customers on a new level, expanding the possibilities of your business.

Features of our QR menu

Interactive Menu

Our QR menu transforms the traditional menu viewing experience into a dynamic interactive process. Customers can explore dishes, view images, and read descriptions, making their choices more informed and enjoyable.

Order to Table

Customers can easily place orders right from their table by scanning a QR code. This increases service efficiency and provides a more pleasant experience for visitors.

Online Payment

An integrated payment system allows customers to securely pay for their orders online, providing convenience and reducing wait times.

Review Collection

Your customers can easily leave reviews and ratings, allowing you to quickly gather valuable data for improving service and the menu.

Table Reservation

The integrated table reservation feature makes planning easier for your customers and allows your staff to better prepare for peak hours.

Delivery Website

This feature allows your customers to easily place delivery orders, expanding your customer base and increasing sales.

Intuitive Design

The QR menu is designed to be understandable and convenient for users of all age groups, ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Easy Implementation

Integrating QR menus into your business is a quick and easy process. Populate your menu and edit it at any time on any device.

Highlight your style with our online menu

QR Menu

Our software provides you with flexibility in creating and managing your menu, while QR codes make it accessible to all your visitors.

In a world where everyone has a smartphone, a digital menu is not just a convenience; it's a necessity. Our QR menu transforms the customer experience by giving visitors full control and easy access to your menu, table reservations, orders, and payments - all through their mobile devices.

A QR Menu is not only a convenient way of serving but also an opportunity to enhance customer interaction efficiency and reduce costs related to printing paper menus.

Showcase your uniqueness and style by providing access to your menu through a simple scan.

Frequently Asked Questions

QR menu is included in the LITE tariff plan, which costs 33 EUR per month (+ VAT). However, paid packages offer many additional features, such as «Table reservation widget», «Ordering and payment», and others.. Therefore, we recommend exploring all the possibilities of our PRO package. More details on prices here.

Yes. You can upload your graphic materials and even color the menu elements in your brand’s colors.

It all depends on the size of your menu. Usually, it takes no more than a day, and sometimes even a few hours. Once you enter your food items into our software, they will appear in the QR menu immediately.

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