Open new opportunities for improving your restaurant business


Everything needed to manage food service of any format.

We offer a wide range of features in our restaurant software that will help you optimize every aspect of your establishment's operations.

Key Features

POS Terminal

Our POS terminal is a reliable tool for order taking and management. It offers a convenient and multifunctional interface for waitstaff.

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Kitchen Screen

An indispensable tool for synchronizing chefs and waitstaff. Orders are immediately displayed on the kitchen screen.

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QR Menu

Print QR codes and provide your customers with the ability to view the online menu on their smartphones.

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Table Reservations

Allow your customers to book tables online. Keep track of your venue's occupancy.

Visitor Reviews

Collect reviews and feedback from your customers. Improve your service and respond to visitors' needs.

Order and Payment via QR Menu

Offer contactless ordering and payment through mobile devices. Instant order confirmation and processing.

Delivery Website

Create your own food delivery website with a single click. Convenient tools for managing delivery orders.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory, supplies, and food costs. Maintain the required stock levels in your warehouses.

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Financial Accounting

Track revenues and expenses. Generate financial reports for analysis and planning.

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Shift Schedule

A convenient tool for scheduling work shifts and calculating salaries for your waitstaff, chefs, and administrators.

Why Us?


For your employees and your customers - we provide tools for all processes in the restaurant business.


No more need for expensive POS equipment. FireMenu works on any device: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, or Android.


No more need for separate apps for waitstaff, chefs, administrators, and owners. Everyone works in one universal space.


Different roles - not a problem. Customize access rights for each employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can configure access rights for each employee individually, adjusting access to whole sections of the program or specific functions.

Yes, all the tools, such as POS terminal, QR menu, table reservations, and others are integrated, but they can also work independently. However, we recommend trying the full functionality for maximum benefit in managing your establishment.

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