Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting

Effective financial management of your restaurant.

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Your key to financial transparency and automation of your restaurant

Financial accounting from FireMenu turns complexity into simplicity. Automate the financial processes of your restaurant, ensuring accuracy and transparency.

With our solution, you can easily control revenues, expenses, and profitability without resorting to cumbersome processes.

Streamline the financial reporting process with an intuitive interface that provides quick access to all important data.

Financial Accounting Tools

Automated Financial Reporting

Generate detailed financial reports in real-time with just a few clicks. Automation of the process minimizes errors and ensures reporting accuracy.

Expense and Revenue Control

Our software makes it easy to track all financial flows, including bank commissions, service fees, tips, etc. FireMenu provides complete control over the budget.

Separation for Legal Entities

Multiple legal entities in one restaurant are not a problem. FireMenu automatically manages both the general and separate accounting.

Payroll Calculation

Our system automates the process of accounting for working hours and sales rewards, and provides convenient tools for quick payroll calculation.

Data Security

All data are stored on secure servers. Access to financial accounting is provided only by you, thanks to flexible rights settings for each employee.

Software Fiscal Register

Thanks to our integration with the Checkbox service, you can fiscalize your receipts in automatic or manual mode directly in FireMenu.

Benefits for Your Business

Benefits for Your Business

Implementing our system allows you to focus on developing your business, rather than spending time on manual accounting.

Automating financial accounting opens up new opportunities for analysis and strategic planning, contributing to the growth of your restaurant.

Using FireMenu means you are always a step ahead, thanks to accurate data and analytics that help make well-informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with our tools, you can calculate the cost of each dish according to the current price of the ingredients used.

Cash shifts must be tracked only if you are using integration with RRO. It is the RRO that requires the opening and closing of cash shifts. Otherwise, you can track cash shifts at your discretion.

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