Kitchen screen

Kitchen screen

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Effective Order Preparation Process Management

The Kitchen Display is a powerful tool that ensures efficient management of the order preparation process in your restaurant. Forget about excessive paper printing and kitchen order confusion. Our system allows you to create an efficient process where each dish is prepared and served on time, maintaining the appropriate quality standards.

Advantages of Using a Kitchen Display

Excellent Coordination

Orders Automatically Appear on the Kitchen Display. Each dish has its own status, allowing precise tracking of its preparation.

Eco-friendliness and Cost-effectiveness

Contribute to the environment by using innovative approaches. The kitchen display helps avoid printing receipts and reduce paper and printing costs.

Time Indicators

Each dish has its own timer, helping avoid delays in preparation and ensuring timely serving.

Separate Screens

Kitchen displays can be divided into different zones, such as Kitchen, Bar, and others. Orders are automatically distributed to the respective screens for optimal management.

Preparation of Semifinished Products

You can integrate semifinished products into the system and mark their preparation, which contributes to clear inventory management.


Generate detailed reports and analyze the time spent on preparing and serving each dish. Improve the productivity of your kitchen.

Kitchen display - an important tool for restaurant automation

Kitchen screen

We understand the importance of efficiency and accuracy in the restaurant business and offer only cutting-edge solutions for restaurant automation. That's why we provide you with the ability to manage every order down to the second, thanks to modern automated management systems.

Our system allows you to sync orders and track their statuses in real-time. This simplifies the service process and reduces the risk of errors.

Our kitchen display is part of a comprehensive set of restaurant programs that help you forget about paper tickets and replace them with a modern automated order management system.

Ensure top-level restaurant automation with FireMenu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kitchen Displays are part of the FireMenu app, so it can work on any PC, tablet, or smartphone connected to the internet.

Yes, in the settings, you can disable the item statuses in orders and use paper tickets instead. However, we recommend trying the Kitchen Display for maximum automation and control of your restaurant business.

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