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POS Terminal

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Manage orders easily and efficiently with the FireMenu POS terminal

Times are changing, and with them, the requirements for restaurant service. To stay ahead, we offer:


Works on any device - from smartphones and tablets to desktop PCs and all-in-ones.

Intuitive design

User-friendly interface for quick employee onboarding.


Your data is always secure thanks to our best-in-class security standards.


Accept and manage orders without delays. All data is instantly synchronized across all devices.

Key Features of Our Online POS

Discover the power and flexibility of our POS system designed to enhance your business.

POS Terminal

Order Management

Easily create checks and add items. Track each item, its statuses, variations, and modifications.

Checks and Payment

Print checks or issue electronic checks, accept cash or card payments, split orders among guests.

Table Map

Use a table map or work without it. Customize it to your establishment.

Order History

Record every step. Full and detailed history for each order is always at your fingertips.


Get detailed reports. Your tool for analyzing restaurant performance and planning future strategies.

Our system is designed for all types of food establishments

Every restaurant, cafe, or fast food establishment has its unique needs and challenges. We understand this and have created our POS system to be flexible and adapt to your business's unique features. Introducing three common usage schemes of our system.

For restaurants or cafes

  • • Waiter takes orders at the table, or the customer places orders through the QR menu.
  • • The kitchen receives order items on the screen and starts preparing dishes;
  • • The kitchen marks ready items on the kitchen screen, and the waiter receives notifications;
  • • The waiter serves ready dishes and marks them as delivered;
  • • The waiter takes payment, and the order is automatically closed;

For a bar or fast food establishment

  • • The waiter or bartender takes orders and payment, or the customer places orders through the QR menu and pays online;
  • • The waiter or bartender assembles orders;
  • • The waiter or bartender serves orders and marks delivered items;
  • • The order is automatically closed;

For a buffet or cafeteria

  • • The visitor selects orders at the serving line and moves to the cashier;
  • • The cashier enters the selected items into the order;
  • • The cashier accepts payment;
  • • The order is automatically closed;

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our system is designed to be compatible with most modern POS terminals, PCs, touchscreen tablets, and smartphones.

Implementation of our system usually takes from a few hours to several days, depending on the size of your establishment and the configuration specifics. We provide detailed instructions and support at every stage of implementation.

Yes, we provide technical support to all our customers. Our team is always ready to answer your questions and resolve any issues that may arise while using the system.

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