Menu settings

The "Menu" section allows you to create and edit your establishment's menu, organizing it by sections, categories, and dishes.

You can add new menu sections (for example, "Dishes", "Drinks", "Wine List", etc.) and edit their names and descriptions.

In each menu section, you can create categories (for example, "Appetizers", "Salads", "Meat Dishes", etc.) and edit their parameters.

In each menu category, you can add dishes, specifying the name, price, preparation time, preparation location (kitchen screen), product and semi-finished product consumption for preparation, as well as variations and modifications.

Thanks to the information about the consumption of products and semi-finished products for the preparation of each dish, the program automatically writes off the necessary ingredients from the storage when preparing orders.

By specifying the preparation location for each dish, you determine on which kitchen screen it will be displayed when ordering.