How to use the POS Terminal

The POS terminal is a personal assistant for waiters in taking and managing orders.

Here is a brief overview of the main features of this section:
  1. Waiters can use the platform on their own smartphones or on stationary touch tablets/PCs.
  2. Fast order taking, tracking, and management of each item in the order (statuses, variations, modifications).
  3. Ability to print checks, close orders with payment, and split orders among multiple guests.
  4. Can be used with or without a table map. The table map can be set up in the "Table Map" section.
While working with the POS terminal, you need to know the statuses of items in the order. Here is a brief description of each status:
  • Pending: This status indicates that the item has just been added to the order and is displayed on the corresponding kitchen screen. The cook has not yet started preparing the dish.
  • Preparing: When the cook starts working on the item, the status changes to "Preparing". This means that the dish is already being prepared.
  • Ready for serving: This status indicates that the item is ready and can be served by the waiter. In the POS terminal, the item will be highlighted.
  • Served: When the waiter delivers the dish to the visitor, the status changes to "Served". This means that the item has been successfully delivered to the customer.

Once all items in the order have reached the "Served" status and the order payment has been made, the order will automatically close. This helps to streamline your service process and control the progress of orders.

If you want to simplify the process of moving items through statuses, this can be done in the "Restaurant" section.